By printing up your own answer sheets and bringing them with you to a Trivia Night that is branded as “Smart Ass Trivia,” you will receive 1/2 of a point for each round your own sheets are used.  Regulars to our Trivia Nights know that “ties” between teams happen more frequently than you might expect.  This typically will result in a random number generation between the tied teams or, in some cases, a heated and furious round of Rock Paper Scissors.  However, you can minimize those kinds of scenarios by giving your team an automatic 1/2 point bonus for every round in which you use our downloadable sheets.  That’s right!  Print your own score sheets at home, and you’ll already be in the lead when you sit down at your table.  How’s THAT for an exciting evening?

Simply download the template below, print up two sheets (there are 2 score cards on each printed sheet), and use them at our Trivia Night.

Note that, should you still tie with other teams who ALSO print up their own sheets, we’ll still have to utilize random number generators or the dubious Rock Paper Scissors method.  Some things may never change.

Get your ready-to-print template emailed to you below:

The Winning Edge