Smart Ass Trivia Rules:
When you’re at a location taking one of our tests, all players are expected to follow these rules.  To not do so will risk disqualifying your team.

1.  ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF CELL PHONES or other outside reference materials.  If you are using your cell phones during a round, you will most likely be called out as being a cheater and will be disqualified from that round.
2.  Please do not yell out any answers (even if you are just trying to be funny).  It’s a competition.  A very, very, verrrrrry important competition.
3.  No collaborating with other teams.  If they’re not at your table, then they’re not part of your team.
4.  Once an answer sheet has been turned in, teams may not change their answer, unless instructed to do so by the host. Like, for example, if your handwriting looks like chicken scratch.
5.  The SAT host will have final say in all circumstances during play.  No armchair professors, please.
6.  If you’re offended by the occasional dirty language, or some off color humor from time-to-time, it’s possible you may be taking life too seriously.  Just have fun.